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How The Depression Free Method Program Came About

It took me 10 years of clinical research in psychology to create this system. The reason for it is not because I’m particularly lazy or slow (far from it), but because it takes a really long time to see through the deceptive mist that shrouds depression. One reason for this is because of the conventional teachings of psychology having provided me a myopic view of psychology.

Like so many other mental health experts, I’ve been taught therapy should be viewed as a relatively passive process which requires thorough often time’s painstaking exploration and dissection of the past. The idea is if you can’t get to underlying and unconscious reasons of why you struggled, you can’t get healed.

It wasn’t until I broke ranks with this traditional mind-set and started relying on my intuition and instincts that I began to see things differently. What I saw was that depression isn’t a mysterious or obscure malady; they were nothing more than an unavoidable outcome of misguided, faulty perceptions - perceptions that , in time, wind up depleting and victimizing you.

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